A summer morning

Last Saturday, Will was out of town for a bachelor party and pretty much all of my friends were either out of the country or busy taking care of new babies. So I had the whole day to myself! And it was glorious.

Naturally, I spent the morning on the beach working on my tan. (Read: I have 3 new freckles!) I also started reading Divergent. So far, it seems like a Hunger Games wanna-be, but I’m going to give it a fair chance before I break down and switch to Fifty Shades of Grey.

On my way home, I stopped by Green City Market to check out the produce and offend people with my sand- and sweat-coated un-showered self. It was lovely. One thing I always enjoy is grossing out people who are trying to eat.

While I was there, I bought some cherries and drank apple-mint soda while relaxing in the shade of a friendly tree. I felt like a real live hippie!

Afterwards, I showered, got coffee at Starbucks, worked on my Mac laptop while catching up on The Real Housewives and walked my tiny dog Gatsby. That was the yuppie part of my day.

And how was your weekend??


Lately, my life has involved a lot of work – in the office and at home. That’s right, I’m bringin’ home the bacon! (Well, a portion of the bacon. Will also does his fair share of bacon bringin’.)

But I’m still finding time to enjoy the little things. Like pretty city fog, coffee shop breaks, a shawirma sandwich, new arm candy and playing in the rain. (Like my impression of the Morton Salt girl?)

I also stopped to see Marilyn before they dismantled her yesterday, and over the weekend, Gatsy got tortured a bath.

My to-do list is still long, but you better believe “relaxing” is on it. I always make time for “me time,” and now you know my secret to being a sane person.

Speaking of “me time”… got any book recommendations? I have a trip to Italy on the horizon and a new Kindle on its way to me in the mail – what should I load it up with??


In the contest for Cutest Little Sandwich Shop in Chicago (which exists only in my head as far as I know), my vote goes to Grahamwich.

I mean, the people who work there wear newsboy caps. Some even have suspenders. If they were to, say, break into a rendition of Seize the Day, I would fill that tip jar with enough cash to pay for their artsy grad school tuitions. No joke.

Plus, their grilled cheese is made with cheese curds, and you know it rocks.

Go there. You may run into me. I’ll be the sleepy-looking girl who may or may not have stayed up past her bedtime to watch Peeta on Leno last night.

Foggy Friday

Last Friday, it felt like I was walking home from work through a cloud. Which makes sense, because that was pretty much the case.

The whole city was nestled in a thick layer of fog, and I thought it was pretty cool. Things feel different when it’s that foggy outside – softer and quieter, with sort of a spooky, scary vibe. Not unlike a werewolf bar mitzvah.

Don’t get me wrong, my Friday nights are often foggy. But it’s a different kind of fogginess… you know how much I love my wine!

St. Patrick’s Day

Guys, I’m not in my twenties anymore.

So instead of doing shots at 9 am, bar hopping and contributing to the general debauchery on St. Patrick’s Day (I once saw a girl pee. In a garbage can. In the middle of a bar.), we decided to celebrate like the classy old people we have now become.

In the afternoon, we had some friends over to drink mimosas in our back courtyard, then went to a Second City show (hilarious!), and had a nice meal under the stars at Orso’s italian restaurant.

But even though we did not partake in Irish car bombs or keg stands or beer bongs, we definitely heard all of this going on around us. Since it was such a nice day, our neighborhood was basically host to a huge block party – there were slutty, green, drunk people running around everywhere!

And of course, we managed to get a pitcher of green beer at Second City. Because it’s just not St. Patrick’s Day if your teeth don’t turn green.

Just another summer day in March

I’m short on things to post about right now, so how about some more sunny photos from the past couple days?

I took the first one on my walk home from work yesterday. The lakefront was full of warm-weather revelers. People were wearing bikinis. And swimming. In the lake!

The rest are from lunch today. I decided to go sit by the river and catch up on some blog reading on my phone.

Like my new watch? After waffling back and forth between these two, completely changing my mind, and then spending half an hour in front of the full-length mirror at Nordstrom debating the pros and cons of gold vs. silver with two sales women, I finally decided which one to get.

Fact: I am indecisive and lack spontaneity.

More important fact: I love my new watch.

So whatever!

A walk in the park

These photos are of our walk in the park yesterday.

You know what else is a walk in the park? This weather we’ve been having! Amiright?? Somebody pinch me!

My hair was completely destroyed by the humidity this morning, but I’m not even mad – I’m impressed. It’s March!

Look at this weather.com forecast:

It was colder than this last year in June.

And did you notice that it’s going to be 71 degrees on Saturday? On St. Patrick’s Day? In Chicago?? Now that’s a recipe for mayhem if I ever saw one…