Lately, my life has involved a lot of work – in the office and at home. That’s right, I’m bringin’ home the bacon! (Well, a portion of the bacon. Will also does his fair share of bacon bringin’.)

But I’m still finding time to enjoy the little things. Like pretty city fog, coffee shop breaks, a shawirma sandwich, new arm candy and playing in the rain. (Like my impression of the Morton Salt girl?)

I also stopped to see Marilyn before they dismantled her yesterday, and over the weekend, Gatsy got tortured a bath.

My to-do list is still long, but you better believe “relaxing” is on it. I always make time for “me time,” and now you know my secret to being a sane person.

Speaking of “me time”… got any book recommendations? I have a trip to Italy on the horizon and a new Kindle on its way to me in the mail – what should I load it up with??