St. Patrick’s Day

Guys, I’m not in my twenties anymore.

So instead of doing shots at 9 am, bar hopping and contributing to the general debauchery on St. Patrick’s Day (I once saw a girl pee. In a garbage can. In the middle of a bar.), we decided to celebrate like the classy old people we have now become.

In the afternoon, we had some friends over to drink mimosas in our back courtyard, then went to a Second City show (hilarious!), and had a nice meal under the stars at Orso’s italian restaurant.

But even though we did not partake in Irish car bombs or keg stands or beer bongs, we definitely heard all of this going on around us. Since it was such a nice day, our neighborhood was basically host to a huge block party – there were slutty, green, drunk people running around everywhere!

And of course, we managed to get a pitcher of green beer at Second City. Because it’s just not St. Patrick’s Day if your teeth don’t turn green.

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