Foggy Friday

Last Friday, it felt like I was walking home from work through a cloud. Which makes sense, because that was pretty much the case.

The whole city was nestled in a thick layer of fog, and I thought it was pretty cool. Things feel different when it’s that foggy outside – softer and quieter, with sort of a spooky, scary vibe. Not unlike a werewolf bar mitzvah.

Don’t get me wrong, my Friday nights are often foggy. But it’s a different kind of fogginess… you know how much I love my wine!

Spring is here!

Happy first day of spring!! Winter is finally over!!

I mean, MY GOD. With the plethora of sunny days, miniscule amount of snow and consistently way above average temperatures we’ve had, it’s been rough, friends.

For one thing, drug stores have a pretty limited amount of sunscreen for sale in February. And the bird-chirping and flower-blooming is getting way out of hand. Is anyone else worried that we might be trapped in a Disney movie??

And here’s the worst part about this winter: the 80-degree days cruelly forced my sickly porcelain-hued legs to make an appearance in public – THE WORLD WAS NOT READY FOR THAT.

So good riddance, winter! And welcome spring, where this warm weather is a bit more seasonally appropriate. Sheesh.

P.S. I hope you can detect the sarcasm here – because I’m laying it on pretty thick. 🙂