As I pass the beach on my way back to work and look out on all of the happy people frolicking and enjoying the beautiful weather, I can’t help but think one thing.

Who are these people?? Don’t they have to work? Or go to school??

Seriously, what’s the deal here? It’s 1 pm on a Tuesday.

They suck.


Spring is here!

Happy first day of spring!! Winter is finally over!!

I mean, MY GOD. With the plethora of sunny days, miniscule amount of snow and consistently way above average temperatures we’ve had, it’s been rough, friends.

For one thing, drug stores have a pretty limited amount of sunscreen for sale in February. And the bird-chirping and flower-blooming is getting way out of hand. Is anyone else worried that we might be trapped in a Disney movie??

And here’s the worst part about this winter: the 80-degree days cruelly forced my sickly porcelain-hued legs to make an appearance in public – THE WORLD WAS NOT READY FOR THAT.

So good riddance, winter! And welcome spring, where this warm weather is a bit more seasonally appropriate. Sheesh.

P.S. I hope you can detect the sarcasm here – because I’m laying it on pretty thick. 🙂

Just another summer day in March

I’m short on things to post about right now, so how about some more sunny photos from the past couple days?

I took the first one on my walk home from work yesterday. The lakefront was full of warm-weather revelers. People were wearing bikinis. And swimming. In the lake!

The rest are from lunch today. I decided to go sit by the river and catch up on some blog reading on my phone.

Like my new watch? After waffling back and forth between these two, completely changing my mind, and then spending half an hour in front of the full-length mirror at Nordstrom debating the pros and cons of gold vs. silver with two sales women, I finally decided which one to get.

Fact: I am indecisive and lack spontaneity.

More important fact: I love my new watch.

So whatever!

Pretty city

Date: May 10, 2011

Time: 12 p.m.

Weather conditions: 80 degrees and sunny

Me: Getting the HELL out of my office!

Yeah, I’m the creepy girl in Millennium Park taking pictures of herself and other people eating their lunch. So?

Yeah, I’m the creepy girl in Millennium Park taking pictures of herself and other people eating their lunch. So?