Which watch?

I have a Nordstrom gift card burning a hole in my wallet, and I’ve decided to use it to buy the better part of a Stella watch by Fossil. I’ve narrowed it down to the two options above.

My heart says, “Rose gold! Get the rose gold one! It’s pretty and the color looks better against your pale white/pinkish skin, you Anglo freak!”

But my head says, “Gold! Get the gold one! Gold is more classic and timeless. This rose gold business might just be a fleeting trend! Plus most of your jewelry is gold! And your skin tone does not make you a freak.”

Thanks, head.

But seriously, which one should I get? If you’re reading this, have the decency to comment and help a girl out, would you?

8 thoughts on “Which watch?

  1. Ha, that was my exact same reaction! “oh yes rose gold! but… gold is… GOLD.”

    I can’t help you. Impulse says rose, gut says gold.

  2. I say you need to try both on at the same time and then you will just know. Plus metals are soo hard to judge based on photos in my opinion, when you see the finish in person you can judge it better. Yes you will feel like a dork at the Nordy’s counter but it will help!

    I was sorta helpful I hope….

  3. Rose…hope that helps 🙂 I felt a little like I was going to get in trouble if I didn’t respond. Love ya Car! 😉

  4. Go for the Rosetone.. You are young and have plenty of time to be practical. Trends come and they go. Go for the trend while it’s in. You can always buy a goldtone watch later.

  5. We have already discussed this when you were trying on watches. Rose gold looks much better and I think it will always look good even when the trend goes away. It won’t all of a sudden get ugly. Plus, rose gold is just like a deeper, warmer, richer gold color whereas gold sometimes just looks so harsh and glaring if that makes sense. So definitely rose gold so that I can be jealous of your watch.

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