A summer morning

Last Saturday, Will was out of town for a bachelor party and pretty much all of my friends were either out of the country or busy taking care of new babies. So I had the whole day to myself! And it was glorious.

Naturally, I spent the morning on the beach working on my tan. (Read: I have 3 new freckles!) I also started reading Divergent. So far, it seems like a Hunger Games wanna-be, but I’m going to give it a fair chance before I break down and switch to Fifty Shades of Grey.

On my way home, I stopped by Green City Market to check out the produce and offend people with my sand- and sweat-coated un-showered self. It was lovely. One thing I always enjoy is grossing out people who are trying to eat.

While I was there, I bought some cherries and drank apple-mint soda while relaxing in the shade of a friendly tree. I felt like a real live hippie!

Afterwards, I showered, got coffee at Starbucks, worked on my Mac laptop while catching up on The Real Housewives and walked my tiny dog Gatsby. That was the yuppie part of my day.

And how was your weekend??