A summer morning

Last Saturday, Will was out of town for a bachelor party and pretty much all of my friends were either out of the country or busy taking care of new babies. So I had the whole day to myself! And it was glorious.

Naturally, I spent the morning on the beach working on my tan. (Read: I have 3 new freckles!) I also started reading Divergent. So far, it seems like a Hunger Games wanna-be, but I’m going to give it a fair chance before I break down and switch to Fifty Shades of Grey.

On my way home, I stopped by Green City Market to check out the produce and offend people with my sand- and sweat-coated un-showered self. It was lovely. One thing I always enjoy is grossing out people who are trying to eat.

While I was there, I bought some cherries and drank apple-mint soda while relaxing in the shade of a friendly tree. I felt like a real live hippie!

Afterwards, I showered, got coffee at Starbucks, worked on my Mac laptop while catching up on The Real Housewives and walked my tiny dog Gatsby. That was the yuppie part of my day.

And how was your weekend??

Party planning

Yes, I am the spawn of the lovely people in both of these photos.

The first photo was taken on their wedding day in August 1972, and the second was taken last weekend.

My sister and I are planning an epic 40th anniversary party for our parents and we used these pictures to make the invitations. The party will involve a yacht, an open bar and lots of good friends and family. You can bet there will be a blog post about it, so stay tuned for that!

We figured 40 years of marriage was definitely cause for some major celebration. And I just wanted to thank my parents for being such amazing role models and for giving me something that I hope to remember for the rest of my life – the chance to party on a YACHT!! Wooooohooooo! 🙂

My weekend looked like this

Bacino’s pizza date and catching up on Mad Men and Girls on Friday night. (Sadly, The Bachelorette is still on the back burner.)

Brunch and day-drinking for my Emily’s 30th birthday on Saturday. Don’t we look festive in our multicolored jeans?

Meeting an old friend’s new baby, who just happens to be adorable.

Hanging with college friends at a lovely outdoor wedding shower on Sunday.

Snuggling with Gatsby.

And finally squeezing in an hour of relaxation before the weekend was over.

Monday, you’re such a party pooper.

Mother’s Day

Remember Mother’s Day? I think it was over a week ago. My family got together and honored my mom by doing the three things she loves best: eating, drinking unnecessarily sweet wine and being outside.

My sister’s husband Mark made all of the food (except the dessert, which was my sister’s contribution). It was delicious and fancy and included ingredients like fontina and proscuitto.

I hope all you moms out there enjoyed your day, especially all of my friends who have become new moms in the past few months –  you’re amazing! (But your birthing stories still scare me.)

90 years ago…

Will’s grandma was born. That was, like, in 1922. So, wow.

Last weekend, we went to her 90th birthday celebration, and that woman is sharp as a tack! Are we sure she’s not lying about her age??? I hope to be half as with-it when I’m 40. (Yes, that’s 10 years from now but I’ve done a decent amount of drinking and sustained a few concussions in my day…)


Lately, my life has involved a lot of work – in the office and at home. That’s right, I’m bringin’ home the bacon! (Well, a portion of the bacon. Will also does his fair share of bacon bringin’.)

But I’m still finding time to enjoy the little things. Like pretty city fog, coffee shop breaks, a shawirma sandwich, new arm candy and playing in the rain. (Like my impression of the Morton Salt girl?)

I also stopped to see Marilyn before they dismantled her yesterday, and over the weekend, Gatsy got tortured a bath.

My to-do list is still long, but you better believe “relaxing” is on it. I always make time for “me time,” and now you know my secret to being a sane person.

Speaking of “me time”… got any book recommendations? I have a trip to Italy on the horizon and a new Kindle on its way to me in the mail – what should I load it up with??

All by myself

Yesterday, Joanna posted on Cup of Jo about what it’s like to live alone.

Been there. Done that. Loved it. (Talking to yourself is underrated.)

But what about going to a Broadway (aka, “Broadway in Chicago”) musical alone? Would you do it? Should I do it?

The thing is, I really want to see the musical Jersey Boys. I’ve been wanting to see it for four years now. Four years!

And guess what? It’s playing in Chicago right now. But Will won’t see it with me because he’s just not that secure in his manhood (that’s my theory). And all of my friends and family have either already seen it or managed to create some really good excuse why they can’t go.

But I reeeeeaaaallllly want to seeeeee it! And I’m not above whining about it.

So… should I go by myself? Would that be weird? I’ve been to a movie by myself, and it was surprisingly un-weird.

But will I get sympathetic looks from people who think my date stood me up? Or that I’m some sort of Jersey Boys obsessed fangirl who goes to every show by myself and tacks the playbills up on my bedroom wall so I can stare at them as I fall asleep at night?

This is for real – I’m seriously considering going to a musical alone. What do you think I should do? Please advise.

Also, if I know you and haven’t asked you to see this show with me yet, and you want to go – let me know!


How was my weekend?

I’m so glad you asked!

It just so happens that I managed to capture all of the highlights on my new favorite toy – Instagram!

We had an excellent dinner at Balena. (Here’s a tip if you ever plan on going there – they have a whole section of the restaurant reserved for walk-ins, so most of the time you don’t need a reservation. We got there a little after 7 pm for dinner and were seated right away!)

I painted my nails (Essie’s Geranium).

We got all gussied up for a super fun wedding (shoes from Zara).

We celebrated Karen’s birthday with a slightly alarming mini pyrotechnic device.

And we happily abused the photo booth.

Sunday was fully devoted to recovery, rehydration and Mad Men watching.

And how was your weekend? (This is not a rhetorical question – I really want to know! I care about you.)

Stay tuned

So now that I’ve started on new freelance projects and have a new job with new hours, it’s taking me awhile to get adjusted to all of this newness. Sadly, this might mean that my blog gets a bit neglected until I can figure out where posting fits into my schedule. I’m still going to try to post every day, but I can’t promise that will always happen.

Please – stop crying. Your raw emotion is flattering but entirely unnecessary. It’s not that bad. Like I always say: “newness” is just “awesomeness” without the a, w, s, o, m and e. And with an extra n.

Clever right?

To appease all of you loyal readers clamoring for more tidbits of my life (as usual, I think that statement mainly applies to my mother), here are two Instagram photos I took on my way home from work yesterday. It’s not much, but I just wanted to let you know I didn’t forget about you.

Instagram insanity

Thank you, Instagram, for finally realizing that Android users like to take hipster-y photos too!

I just downloaded the Instagram app yesterday and kind of went nuts with it during a girls’ night out with some of my college friends. We were celebrating Sarah and Jeannine’s 30th birthdays, an occasion that obviously called for tapas and sangria at Cafe Iberico immediately followed by Photo Hunt at Clark Street Ale House.

Nights like these are my favorite.

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