Stay tuned

So now that I’ve started on new freelance projects and have a new job with new hours, it’s taking me awhile to get adjusted to all of this newness. Sadly, this might mean that my blog gets a bit neglected until I can figure out where posting fits into my schedule. I’m still going to try to post every day, but I can’t promise that will always happen.

Please – stop crying. Your raw emotion is flattering but entirely unnecessary. It’s not that bad. Like I always say: “newness” is just “awesomeness” without the a, w, s, o, m and e. And with an extra n.

Clever right?

To appease all of you loyal readers clamoring for more tidbits of my life (as usual, I think that statement mainly applies to my mother), here are two Instagram photos I took on my way home from work yesterday. It’s not much, but I just wanted to let you know I didn’t forget about you.

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