All by myself

Yesterday, Joanna posted on Cup of Jo about what it’s like to live alone.

Been there. Done that. Loved it. (Talking to yourself is underrated.)

But what about going to a Broadway (aka, “Broadway in Chicago”) musical alone? Would you do it? Should I do it?

The thing is, I really want to see the musical Jersey Boys. I’ve been wanting to see it for four years now. Four years!

And guess what? It’s playing in Chicago right now. But Will won’t see it with me because he’s just not that secure in his manhood (that’s my theory). And all of my friends and family have either already seen it or managed to create some really good excuse why they can’t go.

But I reeeeeaaaallllly want to seeeeee it! And I’m not above whining about it.

So… should I go by myself? Would that be weird? I’ve been to a movie by myself, and it was surprisingly un-weird.

But will I get sympathetic looks from people who think my date stood me up? Or that I’m some sort of Jersey Boys obsessed fangirl who goes to every show by myself and tacks the playbills up on my bedroom wall so I can stare at them as I fall asleep at night?

This is for real – I’m seriously considering going to a musical alone. What do you think I should do? Please advise.

Also, if I know you and haven’t asked you to see this show with me yet, and you want to go – let me know!


3 thoughts on “All by myself

  1. Of course you should do it – who cares if anyone you don’t know gives you sympathetic or strange looks – you’ll never see them again! And anyway, they won’t do that – nobody pays much attention to other people in the audience while watching the play, and during intermission you can busily consult your smart phone for e-mails, etc. which is what half the audience will be doing also so you won’t look lonely. You will love it – I’m only sorry you didn’t ask us to get you an extra ticket when we saw it. Love, MOM

  2. DO IT! When I was in NYC – not only did I spend two full days wandering around alone – but I went to see Promises Promises by myself. Yes, it was a little weird at first since there were no empty seats around me, and no one there to watch my purses and jacket when I went to the bathroom… but it was worth it!

    And if I was in Chicago – I would totally go see it with you.

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