Instagram insanity

Thank you, Instagram, for finally realizing that Android users like to take hipster-y photos too!

I just downloaded the Instagram app yesterday and kind of went nuts with it during a girls’ night out with some of my college friends. We were celebrating Sarah and Jeannine’s 30th birthdays, an occasion that obviously called for tapas and sangria at Cafe Iberico immediately followed by Photo Hunt at Clark Street Ale House.

Nights like these are my favorite.

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Celebration station

Last Friday, we met up with some friends at Old Town Social after work because we had not one, not two, but THREE reasons to celebrate:

1. My 30th birthday!! Reason enough, I’d say. But also…

2. Our friend Emily got a new job!!

3. Will got a new job!!

And what’s a celebration without sparkling wine? (Answer: Not a celebration.)

We even ended the night playing giant Jenga at River Shannon. Perfection!

I was having so much fun that I kind of forgot to take pictures for this blog post. So these three are all you get.

Side note: It looks kind of weird in the pictures, but that brooch I’m wearing with my necklace actually belonged to my grandma way back when. I found it at my parents’ house a couple months ago. Vintage costume jewelry score! (Thanks, Grandma!)

Birthday loot

Since birthdays often don’t often involve the gathering of friends and family like Christmas or Thanksgiving (because who has time for that??), the best thing about them is the presents. And the Facebook messages are nice too.

Yesterday, I turned 30. (Insert sands of time in an hour glass metaphor here.) I celebrated with Will last night, and boy did I clean up!

Will was smart enough to stop by my favorite store and got me some Jonathan Adler bottle stoppers and a cool “wine breather” that decants wine – instantly!

Both gifts were very thoughtful because I have been known to enjoy a glass of wine every day now and then. Also, I was just complaining a few weeks ago that we didn’t have any good bottle stoppers (look at Will taking mental notes!), and I like to “decant” my wine before drinking it (basically I just pour it in a glass and let it sit for awhile) because two-buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s actually does taste better that way.

We continued the celebration of my awesome life by drinking sparkling wine (natch) and going out to dinner at Riccardo Trattoria, which was delicious (just ask Gwyneth)!

I even tried curling my hair for the occasion and was marginally successful.

All in all, a great 30th birthday! Thanks to everyone who made me feel special!