Celebration station

Last Friday, we met up with some friends at Old Town Social after work because we had not one, not two, but THREE reasons to celebrate:

1. My 30th birthday!! Reason enough, I’d say. But also…

2. Our friend Emily got a new job!!

3. Will got a new job!!

And what’s a celebration without sparkling wine? (Answer: Not a celebration.)

We even ended the night playing giant Jenga at River Shannon. Perfection!

I was having so much fun that I kind of forgot to take pictures for this blog post. So these three are all you get.

Side note: It looks kind of weird in the pictures, but that brooch I’m wearing with my necklace actually belonged to my grandma way back when. I found it at my parents’ house a couple months ago. Vintage costume jewelry score! (Thanks, Grandma!)

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