Please stand by

Internet connectivity issues continue to plague the House of Irwin. Also, the plague is plaguing us. As plagues tend to do. But this stuffy nose, scratchy throat and overall feeling that my body may collapse inward on itself at any moment are all getting old. Anyway, I’m posting this from my phone, which is less than ideal. If things don’t improve by the weekend, Comcast WILL be hearing from me, oh yes. And while that may sound like a threat, it’s not – my telephone demeanor is actually quite polite and agreeable. Just know this, Comcast: if, at the end of the call, I say ” Thank you” instead of “Thank you very much“… I am NOT happy with you. And now, a picture of Gatsby:



Gatsby’s happy place

A fresh load of laundry straight out of the dryer might be Gatsby’s favorite thing in the whole entire world.

That, or stealing napkins from people’s laps at the dinner table.

And actually, I can kind of see the appeal. (Of the laundry – not the napkin stealing.)

It’s warm, soft, smells good. If I could fit in that basket, I’d probably be right there with him.

Brace yourself

The Cutest Dog in the World just… got… CUTER!

I’ve been wanting to get my handsome little man a bow tie for a long time now. My sister gave me this one for my birthday (tomorrow marks 30 years of me being alive), and it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

Gatsby absolutely hates it but it’s not his birthday, now is it?

Photo shoot

I’ll tell you the same thing I tell everyone else who asks: No, I am not a model.

Just kidding. No one ever asks me that. And now you can see why.

But Will’s mom was nice enough to buy us a professional photo shoot in St. Louis, so we decided to take advantage of it in Forest Park on one of the most beautiful fall days ever.

And yes, I know only weird people have professional photos taken with their pets. Awkward Family Pet Photos, anyone? We are officially those people.

P.S. I miss fall.

Photos by Westrich Photography.


We took Gatsby for his yearly vet appointment yesterday. Turns out he’s a very healthy little guy with the exception of one thing: he’s fat.

Apparently the little porker has packed on an entire pound since this time last year. I’ve probably gained that much in the past day alone (I ate an offensive amount of spaghetti for dinner last night), but one pound is actually a lot when it counts for 1/6 of your body weight.

Clearly, Gatsby has really let himself go. Time to break out the doggy treadmill.

I plan on sitting him down tonight, giving him a pep talk and showing him this Super Bowl commercial for inspiration:

Does anyone else think that all the best Super Bowl commercials this year involved dogs? (Like this one!)

Are you ready for some…



Yes, the Puppy Bowl is almost upon us! Only two more days until these little masters of growling and the gridiron toss around the pigskin and probably chew on it a little too.

By now, I’m sure you’ve perused the line-up and picked your favorites.

I’m quite partial to little Joni here:

Perhaps because she bears a slight resemblance to one Mr. Gatsby Bliss Irwin, The Cutest Dog in the World.

But I also have a soft spot in my heart for Shiloh:

According to her stats, she’s read all of the Harry Potter books! I’m impressed. Even I didn’t have the stamina for that (I stopped after the first one).

May the best puppy prevail!

The biggest snoozer

Someone’s been enjoying this lazy three-day weekend.

Treats and snoozin’, snoozin’ and treats… (love Marcel!)

And on top of his day job of being The Cutest Dog in the World, Gatsby has also been moonlighting as The Cutest iPad Stand in the World. He’s a true professional.

P.S. Carlie Crash has a new look! You like? I’m trying to clean things up a bit around here. If you’re not on the actual site right now, come check it out and let me know what you think! (The header is a picture of my feet that I took while eating lunch outside last fall. I’m aware that this behavior is abnormal, but hey – it paid off!)