Are you ready for some…



Yes, the Puppy Bowl is almost upon us! Only two more days until these little masters of growling and the gridiron toss around the pigskin and probably chew on it a little too.

By now, I’m sure you’ve perused the line-up and picked your favorites.

I’m quite partial to little Joni here:

Perhaps because she bears a slight resemblance to one Mr. Gatsby Bliss Irwin, The Cutest Dog in the World.

But I also have a soft spot in my heart for Shiloh:

According to her stats, she’s read all of the Harry Potter books! I’m impressed. Even I didn’t have the stamina for that (I stopped after the first one).

May the best puppy prevail!

3 thoughts on “Are you ready for some…

  1. I was just telling someone earlier today about how excited I am about this year’s Puppy Bowl and your post just added to that excited. I’m rooting for Friday the puppy, but they’re all (adorable) winners.

  2. I prefer to watch this bowl with you on Sunday instead of the superbowl. We can flip to the real bowl to see Madonna at the half. Okay?!?!?

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