If you’re like me, congrats! You must be awesome. But also, whenever you make an appointment, schedule a meeting or plan a date in advance, you know that typing it into your Gmail calendar, writing it on your wall calendar and updating your smartphone calendar is SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH. You must also enter the event into your day planner.

I know I’d be lost without my planner. And by lost, I mean I would feel an enormous void in my life where a fancy, adorable paper product should be.

I have yet to pick out my 2012 planner, which means I’ve been planner-less for five whole days! Help me decide, won’t you?

Here are the options:

Jonathan Adler Agenda – Flame

Waiting for Tomorrow Day Planner

Cavallini World Map Weekly Planner

Persimmon Datebook

Barbara Wiggins Leather Diary

The gold one at the end is my favorite, but it’s more of a diary than a planner. Also, the price on the website is in Euros, so that just makes things more math-y and complicated. But I can’t get away from the idea that every girl deserves to have a magical gold book in her purse…

3 thoughts on “Planner-palooza

  1. I like the first one – you know I’m partial to colorful prints! But you didn’t show the inside, which is really the most important factor in making a decision. It has to be compatible with the way you like to organize your life.

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