Tea for three

One great thing about working at an ad agency is that we don’t have to work the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s. So my days last week were spent shopping, going out to lunch, watching movies, catching up with friends and doing other activities of a similarly awesome nature.

Ahhh last week… those were the good ol’ days.

On Wednesday, my mom, my sister and I had afternoon tea at The Drake Hotel like fancy ladies. We did fancy lady things like eat scones and tiny sandwiches with no crusts and stick our pinkies in the air. It was wonderful, I tell you, just delightful!

After tea, we strolled Michigan Avenue, did some shopping at Nordstrom and enjoyed an early evening cocktail at Fleming’s. In short, it was the perfect day and I want to be a fancy lady forever.

Anyone know where I can purchase a mink stole?

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