February Photo a Day challenge: My view today

So I’ve decided to mix it up a little this month (buckle your seatbelts!) and participate in fat mum slim’s daily photo challenge:

Basically, I’ll be posting a photo every day in February using this list as inspiration. Oh what fun! And don’t worry, I’ll also try to keep up with normal posts too, in case you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy looking at photos. (Does that type of person actually exist? If so, I bet they’re also the type of person who still hasn’t joined Facebook.)

Today’s photo is supposed to be “your view today.” So here it is!

Happy Flip-Your-Calendar-to-a-New-Month Day, by the way! It’s February! And as you may know, changing my calendar to a new month is always a thrill for me.

This is the calendar I have hanging next to my desk at work. I think it features work by different artists each month (I don’t really know, I got it for free).

This month appears to be a cool image of Tina Fey. Who I happen to love! I have no problem with facing her skeptical stare for the next 28 days.  If that image of her could talk, I imagine it would be saying, “Really? You really felt the need for another Starbucks chocolate chip cookie? If you can twist logic enough to convince yourself that you deserve all those unnecessary calories, I bet you’ve also convinced yourself that watching the Real Housewives is purely an educational experience and an excellent way to learn about other cultures! I mean, really.”

Or something like that.


If you’re like me, congrats! You must be awesome. But also, whenever you make an appointment, schedule a meeting or plan a date in advance, you know that typing it into your Gmail calendar, writing it on your wall calendar and updating your smartphone calendar is SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH. You must also enter the event into your day planner.

I know I’d be lost without my planner. And by lost, I mean I would feel an enormous void in my life where a fancy, adorable paper product should be.

I have yet to pick out my 2012 planner, which means I’ve been planner-less for five whole days! Help me decide, won’t you?

Here are the options:

Jonathan Adler Agenda – Flame

Waiting for Tomorrow Day Planner

Cavallini World Map Weekly Planner

Persimmon Datebook

Barbara Wiggins Leather Diary

The gold one at the end is my favorite, but it’s more of a diary than a planner. Also, the price on the website is in Euros, so that just makes things more math-y and complicated. But I can’t get away from the idea that every girl deserves to have a magical gold book in her purse…

New month, new pretty calendar picture

Does anyone else get overly excited about changing your calendar to a new month?

Like I mean so excited that you were on the bus this morning eagerly awaiting your arrival at the office to see what pretty picture the month of September would bring while trying really hard not to smell the man two rows ahead of you who was wearing a winter hat and coat (on a 90+ degree day) and sitting on a trash bag? Hypothetically?

(The September picture did not disappoint, by the way.)

Yay! Pretty! <clap><clap><clap>

Like the calendar? I got it from this cute Etsy shop.