February Photo a Day: Money

Thanks to a fortunate turn of events, I’ve managed to combine yesterday’s topic (something you ate) with today’s topic (money), resulting in one glorious photo.

The ten dollar bill you see here is the money I saved by being the lucky recipient of a free lunch at Chipotle today!

This particular location (Grand & State) is always crazy-busy, and apparently the nice people who work there like to challenge themselves (or maybe they’re just bored). Anyway, they randomly picked me at the end of the line and said that if I made it to the counter in less than 7 minutes, my food would be free. It was like winning the lottery!

Unfortunately, it took 8 minutes for me to get to the counter. But… they gave me a free lunch anyway! Love those guys!

By the way, I know my burrito bowl looks all green and gross in the picture, but I assure you – it was delicious. I just love me some guac.

February Photo a Day: Night

I took this photo one night last fall on my walk home from work.

Ben Franklin looks quite fetching in the moonlight, no? (I’m not sure if that’s who this is supposed to be, but who else in history had such a loveable potbelly??)

February Photo a Day: Bathroom edition

Once again, I’m playing catch-up with this photo challenge. Lucky for you (or not), both photos I’m posting today take place in my bathroom!

Yesterday’s photo: Inside your bathroom cabinet

Ok fine, this is not my bathroom cabinet.  I thought I would spare you because my bathroom cabinet is gross. And it’s not the stuff in it that’s gross, it the actual cabinet. I think it’s from around 1972. Let’s just say that with this apartment, we’re paying for the location (which is great!).

Today’s photo: Green

Bathroom towels! Pretty self-explanatory.

February Photo a Day: Where you work

This is a view of the agency where I work from inside my office.

One of the perks of working at an ad agency is that people roll in pretty much whenever they want in the morning. The place was still a ghost town at 10 am.

Check out these other ad agency perks. Jealous? 🙂

P.S. This was actually supposed to be yesterday’s photo. Today’s photo is “my shoes,” but since we’re supposed to get rain/snow today, I wore my Hunter boots, which I’ve already proudly displayed for you here and here. Wouldn’t want you to get sick of them!