Have we learned NOTHING from Jurassic Park??

According to the Today Show this  morning, scientists are working on cloning the woolly mammoth, and may actually create one in the next 5 or 6 years. And within the next couple of generations, woolly mammoths could once again be roaming the plains.

They actually said that.

I guess when I got scared by Jurassic Park as a kid and my parents said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a movie,” THEY WERE WRONG.

Please excuse me while I work on suppressing disturbing visions of a cup of water vibrating in time with increasingly loud thumping sounds in the distance…


Weather.com helps us prepare for a zombie apocalypse

“[Zombies] move slower in the winter months, so out of necessity they eat less because it is harder for them to catch their prey. However, a zombie will never starve to the point of death, and when the spring comes they’ll be highly mobile and ravenous once again.”

Remember: in the event of a zombie apocalypse, knowledge is power.

Knowledge and a chain saw.

I love not being a model

This makes me scream on the inside, a) because feet are kind of gross anyway, and b) LOOK AT IT!

According to The Cut, this is the foot of model Sojourner Morrell after walking in 14 shows last month at the various fashion weeks around the world.

Are you going “Ahhhh! EW!” like me right now?

I’ve never had a greater appreciation for UGGs than at this very moment.

Have a little salt with your wound

When I stepped off the elevator into the lobby at work this morning, I was greeted by this sentence on one of those velcro sign boards:


Now is that really necessary? How about we enjoy fall first?

As if I wasn’t already sad that I’m not on vacation anymore.

Whoever posted that might as well have just said DEATH IS COMING.

Which is actually slightly less depressing.