For the love of Mod


Erin Fetherston

French Connection

MICHAEL Michael Kors

I’ve always had a fascination with everything from the 1960’s. I’m not sure if it’s because of the return of Mad Men, or Zooey Deschanel making “cute, adorkable hipster” a popular look, but right now I’m particulary obsessed with anything Mod.

Dark eyeliner, big lashes, color blocking, mini dresses, bold graphic patterns, peter pan collars, oversized sunglasses – I love it all!

When I got an email from Piperlime highilghting their current Mod-ish looks, I seriously wanted to buy everything.

Now all I need are some fake eyelashes and thicker bangs, and I’ll be swingin’ baby!

Come on – how can you not love this look:

You can’t. You can’t not love it.

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Flat feet

Lately, I’ve been daydreaming a lot about our upcoming trip to Italy. That, and Giordano’s thin crust pizza. Is it lunchtime yet?

When I imagine myself in Italy, I think about strolling along cobblestone streets, being awed by the cathedrals and ancient ruins, sipping chianti at an outdoor cafe, and gorging myself on gelato and freshly made pasta. It makes me feel happy and relaxed. (And holy cow, I’m soo hungry right now!)

BUT, when I imagine myself packing for the trip I feel STRESS. I am not a light packer. And let’s just say I have some shopping to do. (Will just read that and had a panic attack.)

One thing I absolutely need is a comfortable pair of flats to walk around in. Heels aren’t going to cut it on those cute cobblestone streets. And gym shoes are out of the question – I may be halfway to 60, but I’m not there yet.

Here are some of the flats I’m considering:

(Tom’s Ballet Flats)

(Lucky Brand Emmie Flats)

(Sam Edelman Baxton Flats)

Any opinons/suggestions? For those of you who have recently been to Europe, what shoes did you wear? And don’t worry Mom, I’m bringing my Chucks for the days when we do a LOT of walking.

Ever heard of Everlane?

I just got an email from Everlane letting me know that I’m now a member. (I kind of forgot that I signed up in the first place!)

Everlane is an online retailer that sells designer-quality products, all under $100. Right now they only have t-shirts and tote bags, but they introduce new designs every month.

I must say I’m intrigued. Anyone else a member?

I was just thinking about stocking up on basic tees for spring, and Everlane’s are only $15 – not too shabby. And at $30, the totes are pretty tempting too…

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Nail art


I’m sorry, but I cannot get on board with this. I know all of the lifestyle and fashion bloggers out there are doing it, but I am just not a fan of nail art.

First of all, it looks way too difficult for an non-artistic, shaky-handed person like me to master.

Second of all, a fingernail is a pretty small area of real estate. Why clutter it up with stripes or polka dots or little flowers? Too busy, I say!  I much prefer a simple, chic, solid color.

And there you have it – my unsolicited opinion of the day.

Red carpet comments: Oscars 2012

I am no authority on fashion. But I do I have thoughts and occasionally even opinions. When beautiful people in shiny outfits parade down a red carpet striking poses that scream, “Look at me!” I say, “Ok!” And then my simple non-fashiony brain comes up with thoughts like these.

Emma Stone

I like Emma Stone, I really do (see?). But I liked her a little bit more when she had a neck. That massive bow is really going for the jugular. It’s like she’s being strangled in the prettiest way possible. I see this photo and all I can think is BOW! BIG BOW! SMALL HEAD! I’m sure the rest of the look is lovely, but HUGE BOW! Sorry, what was I saying? PINHEAD!

Stacy Keibler

Hmm, looks like George Clooney dropped one of his accessories on the red carpet. Oh well, I’m sure someone will find it and scoop it up before it gets stepped on. I think the same thing happened to his cuff links at the Golden Globes.

Ellie Kemper

I think this is my favorite look. Impeccable bang/dress coordination. Plus it’s shiny and reminds me of Katniss’ Girl on Fire outfit in The Hunger Games. I miss Cinna.

Rooney Mara

Wait, no – this is my favorite look! Beaming down to the red carpet from that Tiffany’s in the Sky, the Ghost of Audrey Hepburn BROUGHT it! And her bangs are totally kicking Ellie’s bangs’ ass (asses?).

Gwyneth Paltrow

Like the annoying child who believes that donning a bathroom towel turns him into a superhero, Gwyneth here would just like you to please pay attention to her. She is wearing a cape, so that makes her cool. And invincible. But I have to give the woman credit – she’s wearing her hair the way I wear mine when I work out, and she still looks chic. Blast! But let’s not forget who named her child after a fruit…

Kristen Wiig

Since Kristen and I are totally BFF, I’m not going to say anything about how she looks like a feather duster made out of human flesh. Well ok, maybe we’re not best friends, but we totally would be if we ever met. Plus, I know if I made fun of her, she’d come back with some sort of hilarious zinger because she’s so funny and clever. So… yeah. Kristen – call me!

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February Photo a Day: Something new

My new Hunter boots!

This is what they look like while waiting for the bus in the morning. Fabulous.

If you’re wondering why there was no photo yesterday, it’s because the challenge was “phone.” I take all my photos with my phone, so that in itself presented a problem. And I’m pretty sure you don’t care to see a picture of my work phone. So I skipped it.