For the love of Mod


Erin Fetherston

French Connection

MICHAEL Michael Kors

I’ve always had a fascination with everything from the 1960’s. I’m not sure if it’s because of the return of Mad Men, or Zooey Deschanel making “cute, adorkable hipster” a popular look, but right now I’m particulary obsessed with anything Mod.

Dark eyeliner, big lashes, color blocking, mini dresses, bold graphic patterns, peter pan collars, oversized sunglasses – I love it all!

When I got an email from Piperlime highilghting their current Mod-ish looks, I seriously wanted to buy everything.

Now all I need are some fake eyelashes and thicker bangs, and I’ll be swingin’ baby!

Come on – how can you not love this look:

You can’t. You can’t not love it.

Images from here and here.

Red carpet comments: Oscars 2012

I am no authority on fashion. But I do I have thoughts and occasionally even opinions. When beautiful people in shiny outfits parade down a red carpet striking poses that scream, “Look at me!” I say, “Ok!” And then my simple non-fashiony brain comes up with thoughts like these.

Emma Stone

I like Emma Stone, I really do (see?). But I liked her a little bit more when she had a neck. That massive bow is really going for the jugular. It’s like she’s being strangled in the prettiest way possible. I see this photo and all I can think is BOW! BIG BOW! SMALL HEAD! I’m sure the rest of the look is lovely, but HUGE BOW! Sorry, what was I saying? PINHEAD!

Stacy Keibler

Hmm, looks like George Clooney dropped one of his accessories on the red carpet. Oh well, I’m sure someone will find it and scoop it up before it gets stepped on. I think the same thing happened to his cuff links at the Golden Globes.

Ellie Kemper

I think this is my favorite look. Impeccable bang/dress coordination. Plus it’s shiny and reminds me of Katniss’ Girl on Fire outfit in The Hunger Games. I miss Cinna.

Rooney Mara

Wait, no – this is my favorite look! Beaming down to the red carpet from that Tiffany’s in the Sky, the Ghost of Audrey Hepburn BROUGHT it! And her bangs are totally kicking Ellie’s bangs’ ass (asses?).

Gwyneth Paltrow

Like the annoying child who believes that donning a bathroom towel turns him into a superhero, Gwyneth here would just like you to please pay attention to her. She is wearing a cape, so that makes her cool. And invincible. But I have to give the woman credit – she’s wearing her hair the way I wear mine when I work out, and she still looks chic. Blast! But let’s not forget who named her child after a fruit…

Kristen Wiig

Since Kristen and I are totally BFF, I’m not going to say anything about how she looks like a feather duster made out of human flesh. Well ok, maybe we’re not best friends, but we totally would be if we ever met. Plus, I know if I made fun of her, she’d come back with some sort of hilarious zinger because she’s so funny and clever. So… yeah. Kristen – call me!

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If you’re big into blogging or fashion, you’ve probably heard of Tavi Gevinson.

This girl’s style, blog and new online magazine are revered throughout the fashion world. She gets personal invites to New York Fashion Week. Her originality and creativity are pretty much mind-blowing. She’s the definition of cool.

But there are two especially crazy/interesting things about her:

1. She lives in Oak Park, IL (where I was an infant resident for the first 8 months of my life).

2. She’s 15 years old. FIFTEEN! And girlfriend already has her own Wikipedia page.

To put it in perspective, when I was 15, my life pretty much consisted of watching Dawson’s Creek and scraping gum off my retainer. Often simultaneously. (I’ve always been good at multi-tasking!)

So Miss Gevinson, you have my complete respect. As well as sincere jealously because I seriously want your life.

P.S. All the cool kids are from Oak Park. (Um hello – Frank Lloyd Wright, Ernest Hemingway, Kathy Griffin, Bob Newhart, Ludacris, Betty White?! Need I say more?)

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Planning ahead

The Jason Wu for Target collection comes out on February 5th. I just set a reminder for myself on my Google calendar. Because look how cute!!!

I’m pretty sure I have to have that navy and white clutch. And the white dress with the black trim at the bottom. And also everything else.

The collection will supposedly be available at Target until March 6, but I suggest getting in on this action early! Remember Missoni?

All images from Tom & Lorenzo.

The Emmys red carpet: Opinions from someone with a slightly above average fashion sense at best

Last Sunday night, I watched the Emmys. Or most of the Emmys – Mad Men came on at 9 pm and hello! Priorities!

I think it’s a little ridiculous how red carpet fashion gets analyzed and critiqued to death but I also love it a little bit too. It’s a nice way to remind celebrities that although they may be beautiful and talented (for the most part), they can’t be perfect all the time. And when they’re not, they will be subjected to a ruthless public flogging.

While the fashion commentators get a little technical at times, throwing terms around like silhouette and drape, I don’t think most Americans care enough to even consider whether or not a cowl neck is flattering on Demi Moore’s bone structure or whatever.

For those who are interested in an honest first impression-based opinion from a person who does read fasion blogs but doesn’t know why because they make her feel completely inadequate, here are some of my thoughts.

Note: I’m not going to list off designers because who really cares, and if you are actually intending on running out and buying Versace because you saw it on some celebrity, then can you send me an offshoot of that money tree you have growing in your backyard?

Anna Paquin

Here we have warrior princess Anna, who after successfully slaying the evil golden-scaled dragon, decided to skin it and fashion it into a mini breast plate. Kind of like a crop top of armor with shoulder pads.

Christina Hendricks

BOOBS. Not crazy about the color or feathers that make it look like it’s been so long since she last shaved her pits that her hair has spider webs growing from it. But her face and red hair are sooo pretty. And I’m totally heterosexual, but wow her figure is banging. And BOOBS.

January Jones

I LOVE that color. I bet if you lick this dress it tastes like blueberries. The rest of January is a hot mess. Hopefully whoever got to sit on either side of her in the theater could see over the flared out wings of distracting flashing blueness that was hitting them in the face.

Heidi Klum

Cute, but short. Kind of like an embellished corset with no pants. I bet the paparazzi were on high alert crotch-watch when she stepped out of the limo. Luckily when you have friends like Tim Gunn, you know how to be ladylike.

Kim Kardashian

To-ga! To-ga! Kim, the Four Seasons called and they want their sheets back. Actually, I like this dress. It’s not black, sheer, lacy or painted on. Are we sure this is Kim Kardashian?

Tina Fey

Ooh she looks sassy here! I used to want to be an Egyptologist and I’m pretty sure it says “30 Rock Rules” and “I got to kiss Jon Hamm so all you other ladies can suck it” across her chest in heiroglyphics.

Betty White

Awwww. And awwww. She looks like my grandma wrapped in a sunset. These days Betty can do no wrong and I’m pretty sure if I said anything mean about her outfit, someone would start a Facebook page petitioning to have me killed.

Claire Danes

Sparkles! If I ever get invited to a black tie red carpet event, I think this is the kind of dress I would wear. Except I would look less like a Barbie doll and more like…well, someone who doesn’t belong at a red carpet event. P.S. I had to squint and put my face up against my computer screen to make sure this was actually Claire Danes. Angela? From My So-Called Life? Are you in there?

For more fashion commentary that’s actually funny and actually fashion commentary, check out Tom & Lorenzo where I got all of these photos. No one does fashion like the gays.