I’m beginning to feel a lot like succumbing

I know I scolded Bloomingdale’s a couple of months ago for putting up their Christmas decorations in September. (And, come on – that was completely justified.)

But as we inch ever-closer to December, it seems that warm, twinkling Christmas-y feeling is stirring in the depths of my cold, barren soul.

Maybe it’s the fact that my bright red peacoat is back in regular rotation in my wardrobe.

Or maybe it’s because the gingerbread latte has arrived at Starbucks, along with their cute holiday-themed cups. (In my book, the current season is determined based purely on what is on the Starbucks signature drink menu, and that alone.)

And this morning, I received an email notification that the new holiday issue of Lonny is out!

Also, it snowed a little yesterday. So there’s that. (Please excuse my lack of excitement.)

BUT I absolutely will NOT be busting out the *NSYNC Christmas album.  Until after Thanksgiving.

A girl has to have something to look forward to!



No, Lonny isn’t another weird dog name I thought of. (Although it could be…)

It’s actually a great excuse for a procrasti-break during the workday.

procrasti-break (noun): a temporary discontinuation of work in order to read blogs, stalk people on Facebook, check the weather forecast or add to your Amazon wishlist. Or whatever.

Lonny is an online design magazine with great photos that will have you drooling if you love decor. (Or if fabulous furniture makes you hungry?)

The new issue just came out a few days ago – check it!

And if you like that, I highly suggest perusing my other favorite online magazine, Rue.