“Nice boots! Jesus!”

This is what an elderly man said to me as I got on the bus today.

I’m not sure how to take it, 1) because the boots I’m wearing are not particularly remarkable, and 2) because the way he said it made it very unclear as to whether it was a compliment and he really loved my boots, or if he was actually disgusted by them.

I think the most likely explanation is that his reaction was the result of mild senility and/or Tourette’s Syndrome.

Is it the weekend yet?

Happy feet

My bus this morning smelled like a convention of mouth-breathers with severe halitosis.

Also, the driver let me off right into a large running sprinkler.

BUT, I’m still in good mood! I think it’s because I’m wearing my gold sparkly shoes today.

BEHOLD the power of footwear.

(Will, please remember this important message when the new boots I’m planning to buy show up on the credit card statement next week. Thank you.)

Gold glitter ballet flats from Gap, last season. You can get similar ones here.

Image from PageDaily.com.