Sorry for the impromptu blogging hiatus recently. I needed to focus on work, and blah blah blah other boring excuses that you don’t care about.

Let’s ease into the week, shall we? Here are some nice, soothing, beautiful scenes from the last stop on our Italy trip–Venice! That’s right, I’m finally done posting about our Italy trip, only four months later. It’s been fun re-living it, but I think it’s time we all move on.

Venice (as you can see) was full of winding streets, canals, bridges, and old buildings. It was absolutely charming and confusing as hell. We totes got lost. (Let the record show that I am not endorsing the use of the word “totes.” The people I work with right now talk in abbrevs 24/7 and it’s rubbing off on me. Unfortch, I know.)

Pretty much all we did in Venice was walk around, eat and drink. It was lovely. And we experienced the ultimate Venetian cliche: a gondola ride! After they stamped the word “tourist” on our foreheads, we sat back and watched the pretty city floating by us. So relaxing. If my eyeballs weren’t so busy darting from one scenic view to another, I probably would have fallen asleep.

Our gondolier was so over this. (Kidding, he was actually quite accommodating.)

I guess masks are a thing in Venice? They were everywhere and freaked me out.

Four sangrias for the price of two!

So now that I’m done posting about that trip, stay tuned for a post about our most recent trip to New York… coming soon!

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New York via Instagram

Well, our NYC trip has come and gone. And it was a success! We walked all over the island of Manhattan, plus a little of Brooklyn too. My feet are in full-on recovery mode.

I took some photos with our good camera, but here are some Instagram pics for you to peruse until I get around to posting the real ones. As you can see, much of the weekend involved eating. In other words, it was the perfect trip!


Yes, I am still posting photos from our Italy trip, which took place approximately 3 months ago.

Two more cities to go. Stay with me!

Next up: Florence!

Out of the cities we went to, I think Florence can be most easily compared to Rome. It’s a smaller city and doesn’t have all of the ruins, but it was really beautiful. If I had to rank them, I might say I liked Florence just a smidge better than Rome.

The first major landmark we came across when we arrived in Florence was the Duomo.

I think I saw the whole thing through the screen on my camera because I couldn’t put it down the entire time we were there. The Duomo is quite photogenic (wish I could say the same about myself). Every angle was prettier than the next.

The rest of Florence was just as impressive and probably my favorite city to just stroll around, taking in the views.

We went up to the Piazalle Michelangelo, where the views totally justified the amount of steps we had to climb to get there.

We stayed at the Residenza dell’Orafo, and they left us this little treat while we were out during the day.

Score! (Except the orange drink was actually kind of gross.)

The second day we were in Florence, we wandered around Boboli Gardens and took a tour of a Medici castle.

We also saw the David, which was more amazing than I was expecting. It’s huge! (No, I’m not referring to any specific part of him when I say that. The whole thing. Is huge.) But alas, David’s a bit camera shy. No photos allowed.

And finally, we obviously had to make time to sample the amazing food and wine Florence had to offer. We were in Tuscany, after all!

Ok, so now I only have one more city left to share in our whirlwind tour of Italy. Venice is last but not least! Stay tuned for that.

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My post on the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen is DONE. Get ready for some pretty, people.

Positano gets two thumbs up from this dork.

The first night we were there, we had a reservation at a family-owned restaurant called La Tagliata. It was way up in the cliffs, so the restaurant actually sent a van to pick us up at our hotel, along with some other people who had reservations. I have to say, it was a completely touristy experience, but the food (served family style) and the view were amazing. There was even entertainment and dancing at the end of the night!

We stayed at the beautiful Villa Rosa, and yes, every room had an awesome balcony and a delicious breakfast served every morning. I don’t know why we left.

Can we talk about the color of that water? There are no words. Except maybe BLUE. In all caps.

Positano is just a small fishing town, so we spent most of our time there relaxing on our balcony, exploring and eating. And the scenery was amazing everywhere. I think it’s officially my new “happy place.” (My old one was eating my way out of a giant vat of Kilwin’s chocolate peanut butter ice cream.)

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Cue Alicia Keys and Jay-Z

‘Cause we’re going to New York City, baby!

Will and I decided book a little getaway to NYC in September and I am pumped. I haven’t been there since I was about 15 and we did all the touristy stuff like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, etc. This time, I’m hoping for a more low-key experience. I just want to eat some good food, explore some neighborhoods, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and have a picnic in Central Park (weather permitting). I think we might also try to hit up the 9/11 memorial and perhaps MoMA… ok, there is way too much to do in this city!

The point of this post is that I’m looking for recommendations. Know of a good place to eat or stay? Or fun things to do? Let me know! I actually don’t know too many people who live in New York, so I’d love to hear some first-hand advice.

And speaking of travel, one of my goals for this weekend is to put together my post on Positano. It WILL happen!

Images from here

Weekend in St. Louis

So, more about that wedding I gave you a peek at earlier:

Last weekend, we headed back to our old stomping grounds in St. Louis for the fantastic wedding of Ben & Beth, two of Will’s friends from law school.

Highlights included:

  • Laying around our hotel room on Friday morning by myself (Will had to go to court for work), catching up on blog reading and posting photos on Instagram. So relaxing. The only bad thing was waking up to the horrible news from Colorado.
  • A fun rehearsal dinner at Vin de Set that included darts, shuffle board, pool and the coolest cake ever made to look like a record player.
  • A delicious lunch and catching up with an old friend at Bailey’s Range (my lamb burger and espresso milkshake were phenomenal)
  • A hilarious and touching wedding ceremony at the old St. Louis courthouse. Ben and Beth each wrote vows–for the other person to read. Awesome idea, and seriously the most entertaining ceremony I’ve ever witnessed.
  • A unique and very St. Louis-y reception on a riverboat that cruised the Mississippi. SO much fun.
  • A quick brunch with Will’s parents that was way too short.
  • A couple of hours in the airport fighting our hangovers.

That last photo of the record featuring The Hulk was thrown in out of order and I don’t feel like trying to figure out how to fix it. The groom is obsessed with collecting records and gave his groomsmen and ushers vintage records that reminded him of them. The whole wedding was full of funny, personal touches like that.

Wedding season is in full swing, and the only bad thing about that is sometimes you get double-booked. Unfortunately, we had to miss another wedding in St. Louis last weekend that sounds like it was a blast. So congrats Ben & Beth AND Julie & Roger!

Looking forward to our next wedding… this Saturday! Love is in the air…

Pompeii and Herculaneum

Let’s visit some ancient cities buried in ash, shall we?

While we were staying in Sorrento, we took the (very crowded) train over to Pompeii and Herculaneum to check out the ruins of these ancient cities that were buried in ash when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. I probably don’t need to tell you this, but that was a crazy long time ago, and it’s amazing how much has been preserved. It was a very cool day.

Our first stop was Pompeii, the most well-known of the two cities we visited. Our guide, Carolina, was amazing and really knowledgeable. The trip definitely wouldn’t have been the same without her. (Thanks for the recommendation, Sara!) It was really cool to see the frescoes and foundations and walls of buildings that were still intact. There were even ruts in the streets from the chariots that rode through thousands of years ago!

You’re probably wondering what the deal is with the above photo. Look closer. Do you see the outline of something? I’ll be frank here–it’s a penis. And it’s pointing to the brothels. Subtle, no?

This is the outline of a real person who got buried in the ash. Insane.

After Pompeii, Carolina took the train with us to Herculaneum, another city that was buried by the same eruption. Herculaneum was a little different than Pompeii. It was a resort town on the ocean, so the houses there were more opulent and had some incredible frescoes that were still visible. This city was actually even better preserved than Pompeii. It made it easy to imagine what it must have looked like when the streets were filled with Romans relaxing on their vacations.

Visiting these ruins was the next best thing to going back in time, and a really amazing experience.

My next Italy post will involve a little less history and a lot more scenery. Get ready for Positano!

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