My post on the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen is DONE. Get ready for some pretty, people.

Positano gets two thumbs up from this dork.

The first night we were there, we had a reservation at a family-owned restaurant called La Tagliata. It was way up in the cliffs, so the restaurant actually sent a van to pick us up at our hotel, along with some other people who had reservations. I have to say, it was a completely touristy experience, but the food (served family style) and the view were amazing. There was even entertainment and dancing at the end of the night!

We stayed at the beautiful Villa Rosa, and yes, every room had an awesome balcony and a delicious breakfast served every morning. I don’t know why we left.

Can we talk about the color of that water? There are no words. Except maybe BLUE. In all caps.

Positano is just a small fishing town, so we spent most of our time there relaxing on our balcony, exploring and eating. And the scenery was amazing everywhere. I think it’s officially my new “happy place.” (My old one was eating my way out of a giant vat of Kilwin’s chocolate peanut butter ice cream.)

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4 thoughts on “Positano

  1. I should never have looked at this on a Monday morning. Way too beautiful. There’s no way I’ll get any work done now!

  2. Wow, amazing. Kind of looks like Cinque Terre which was my parent’s favorite place when they visited Italy. They said they almost wished they would have stayed there the whole time and spent less time in the touristy areas.

    Love the post.

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