Sorry for the impromptu blogging hiatus recently. I needed to focus on work, and blah blah blah other boring excuses that you don’t care about.

Let’s ease into the week, shall we? Here are some nice, soothing, beautiful scenes from the last stop on our Italy trip–Venice! That’s right, I’m finally done posting about our Italy trip, only four months later. It’s been fun re-living it, but I think it’s time we all move on.

Venice (as you can see) was full of winding streets, canals, bridges, and old buildings. It was absolutely charming and confusing as hell. We totes got lost. (Let the record show that I am not endorsing the use of the word “totes.” The people I work with right now talk in abbrevs 24/7 and it’s rubbing off on me. Unfortch, I know.)

Pretty much all we did in Venice was walk around, eat and drink. It was lovely. And we experienced the ultimate Venetian cliche: a gondola ride! After they stamped the word “tourist” on our foreheads, we sat back and watched the pretty city floating by us. So relaxing. If my eyeballs weren’t so busy darting from one scenic view to another, I probably would have fallen asleep.

Our gondolier was so over this. (Kidding, he was actually quite accommodating.)

I guess masks are a thing in Venice? They were everywhere and freaked me out.

Four sangrias for the price of two!

So now that I’m done posting about that trip, stay tuned for a post about our most recent trip to New York… coming soon!

The rest of my Italy posts are here:

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