Cue Alicia Keys and Jay-Z

‘Cause we’re going to New York City, baby!

Will and I decided book a little getaway to NYC in September and I am pumped. I haven’t been there since I was about 15 and we did all the touristy stuff like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, etc. This time, I’m hoping for a more low-key experience. I just want to eat some good food, explore some neighborhoods, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and have a picnic in Central Park (weather permitting). I think we might also try to hit up the 9/11 memorial and perhaps MoMA… ok, there is way too much to do in this city!

The point of this post is that I’m looking for recommendations. Know of a good place to eat or stay? Or fun things to do? Let me know! I actually don’t know too many people who live in New York, so I’d love to hear some first-hand advice.

And speaking of travel, one of my goals for this weekend is to put together my post on Positano. It WILL happen!

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1 thought on “Cue Alicia Keys and Jay-Z

  1. YES! I love The Frying Pan – it’s a bar. on a boat. Gets kind fo fratty at night, so I’d go for lunch or sunset dinner.

    Also check out this week. Jess was just in NYC this week, so I’m sure she’ll have some good posts up this week!

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