Toddlers. On the rocks.

Yes, my plans last weekend involved spending time with some toddlers.

No, a “toddler” is not the name of a specialty cocktail at the trendy bar down the street.

I’m talking about small humans. Who have tricked-out strollers and enjoy eating grapes and goldfish out of plastic cups.

I know this because on Sunday, I got to observe them in one of their natural habitats – the zoo. It was all very meta.

I also got to practice some mommy skills like holding a toddler, pushing one in a stroller, and finding a restaurant for lunch that provides highchairs.

Let’s pretend like sweet little Brooklyn doesn’t look scared to death of me in the photo above. She’s obviously planning her escape from my arms. But being held 4 feet in the air by someone who has only held two, maybe three, children in her entire life? I wouldn’t blame her for needing a diaper change after that.

Cuteness above provided courtesy of Tyler Hoff and Brooklyn Torkelson.