I remember when I could sit down and not cry…

Ah, yes. Those were the good ol’ days (yesterday).

That was back before I subjected myself to a GoCycle spinning class. And now my ass is all kinds of unhappy. Last I checked, padded seats are not a super-advanced concept!

But the workout itself was fantastic. My legs were pretty much useless afterwards. To anyone who saw me walking home after class last night – no, I was not doing an impression of Bambi on ice.

Unfortunately for me, this all adds up to some terrible foreshadowing…

Normally, I get sore approximately 24 hours after a good workout. So come 6:30 tonight, I am preparing myself to be completely immobile. I might as well forget I even had these things called legs for the next day or so. And then, when I’m finally able to lower myself onto a toilet seat without screaming (cause this here is REAL!), I’ll go back for another class and enter this world of pain all over again. So worth it! (…is what I have to keep telling myself.)

The Ninety-Nine

You heard it here: I am definitely going to do this!

… after I finish the monstrous Potbelly sugar cookie I’m eating right now.

… and after I get back from vacation.

So you heard it here: I am definitely going to to this later!

Image from moveit-and-loseit.tumblr.com. Pinned by my fellow squirrel Brynn on Pinterest.