Fun with white balance

If you read my blog with any frequency, you know that I’m a pro at taking really crappy photos with my Android phone. I do have a nice digital camera, but it’s too bulky to lug around with me all the time. Sorry ’bout it!

Last week, I read this post with information from Justine on how to take good photos. And I think it might help drastically reduce the degree of crappiness when it comes to photos on this blog!

One thing that really seems to make a big difference is adjusting the white balance and not using flash unless absolutely necessary. I experimented with it a little this weekend, as you can see below. But please keep the phrase “work in progress” in mind… hopefully my photos will only get better from here!

Save the bubbly


Fellow Champagne lovers! Your attention, please.

I came across a very useful tip on Cup of Jo this morning (originally from Real Simple).

Lament over unfinished bottles of bubbly no more! If you open a bottle and have some left over (hardly ever happens to me, but I suppose I can imagine how this might be an issue), re-cork and store it in the refrigerator. When you’re ready to finish it off, just drop in a raisin! The wrinkly little guy will bring the bubbles back to life due to some weird science-y explanation having to do with CO2 sticking to the ridges of the raisin. Or whatever. I don’t do science.