Flat feet

Lately, I’ve been daydreaming a lot about our upcoming trip to Italy. That, and Giordano’s thin crust pizza. Is it lunchtime yet?

When I imagine myself in Italy, I think about strolling along cobblestone streets, being awed by the cathedrals and ancient ruins, sipping chianti at an outdoor cafe, and gorging myself on gelato and freshly made pasta. It makes me feel happy and relaxed. (And holy cow, I’m soo hungry right now!)

BUT, when I imagine myself packing for the trip I feel STRESS. I am not a light packer. And let’s just say I have some shopping to do. (Will just read that and had a panic attack.)

One thing I absolutely need is a comfortable pair of flats to walk around in. Heels aren’t going to cut it on those cute cobblestone streets. And gym shoes are out of the question – I may be halfway to 60, but I’m not there yet.

Here are some of the flats I’m considering:

(Tom’s Ballet Flats)

(Lucky Brand Emmie Flats)

(Sam Edelman Baxton Flats)

Any opinons/suggestions? For those of you who have recently been to Europe, what shoes did you wear? And don’t worry Mom, I’m bringing my Chucks for the days when we do a LOT of walking.