I know this is starting to turn into some sort of travel blog, but guess what? I went somewhere else!

This time it was Milwaukee. Believe it or not, in all my years growing up in the Chicago area, I had never trekked an hour and a half north to this other majestic city by the lake. Yes, I said majestic. “Majestic Milwaukee.” Did I just come up with a fantastic new slogan? I think so. Call me, Milwaukee Board of Tourism.

Anyway, Laura (my good friend from college) moved from Chicago to Milwaukee a few months ago, so Megan (another good friend from college) and I decided it was high time we visited her.

It was a fantastic 24 hours full of catching up, catching the views at the Pfister Hotel, catching a comedy show at the Comedy Cafe, exchanging thumbs up with the Bronze Fonze (I ran out of “catching” phrases), walking around downtown, and ending with a delicious brunch at Trocadero.

I was really impressed by what I saw of Milwaukee, and as I told Laura in true Terminator fashion when we were leaving, “I’ll be back.”

IMG_0044IMG_0045IMG_0046SONY DSCIMG_0049IMG_0051IMG_0053And can we just acknowledge what an amazing hostess Laura is? Those adorably laid-out tooth-picked bananas and strawberries? So thoughtful.

Thanks for a great weekend Laura (and Milwaukee)!