California. No doubt about it.

Will and I went on vacation last week and I came back with this conclusion:

I love California.

(I almost said “I heart California” but I’m getting really tired of that phrase. Are we done with that yet?)

We stayed for a few nights at Terranea Resort on the coast and were forced to look at this scenery all day, every day:

It was pretty rough.

Then we moved on to L.A. and pretty much dominated the 405 and Pacific Coast Highway in our sweet Rolls Royce convertible.*

*All Rolls Royce convertibles referred to in this post are actually Chevy Impalas.

In an effort to be brief, I’ll describe the trip the way I most likely would have described it in my 1st grade journal:

“We went on vacation. It was very fun. I saw the ocean and a ferris wheel. I got sunburned on my head because it was sunny.”

Succinct and to the point.

(Sidenote: I actually did go on vacation to California with my family when I was in 1st grade. Half of it was spent watching All My Children in the lobby of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County because my little sister was sick and got dehydrated. It was the best! Seriously. You know how when you were a kid, little emergencies like that are exciting? Or was that just me? I would secretly hope for tornadoes or alien invasions to bring excitement to my mundane suburban life. Also, that kind of catastrophe would be a prime opportunity for me to pretend like I was the star of a disaster movie. I always imagined I’d react with the strength and poise of the blonde chick from Jurassic Park.)

So much for being brief.

And now… some retro-looking photos. Enjoy!