We moved!

So in my last post (let’s not talk about how long ago that was…), I mentioned that things were a little crazy. Part of that was because we bought a condo and moved in at the beginning of July!

Our old apartment was in Old Town, and while we loved the neighborhood (LOVED!), we decided we needed more space and a place that would work better for us a little further down the road.

So now we’re in Lakeview, just a little north of where we lived before. We’ve been exploring the neighborhood, and really like it so far. It’s weird, but it’s exactly the kind of area I always imagined having a family–cute row houses and shaded sidewalks peppered with neighborhood restaurants and watering holes. Plus, there are dogs, pregnant women and people with strollers everywhere, so I have a feeling we’re going to fit in.

The condo itself is also pretty fantastic, at least compared to our old place. We have an in-unit washer and dryer! And it doesn’t require quarters! It’s amazing. Also (and this is the best part), we have THREE outdoor spaces–a big deck and two smaller balconies off the bedrooms. For someone like me who craves fresh air, it’s heaven.

The only thing is, we’re unpacking–still. So the place is kind of a mess right now. But, I took a few photos to give you a sneak peek…

IMG_0249 IMG_0279 IMG_0280  IMG_0276 IMG_0275 IMG_0271  photo(2) photo(4) photo photo(1) photo(3)I’ll post more when we get the place together. But honestly, I’d rather relax on my new deck than unpack boxes. So don’t expect that to happen for awhile…