Get on my neck

Here’s a trivial little materialistic post to tide you over for the weekend. (Yes, I realize that description applies to most of my posts.)

Yesterday, I got a promo email from Piperlime (as I do every. single. morning.) and it featured this necklace:

At the moment, I’m super into chunky colorful neck adornment of any sort and this particular necklace (and its reasonable price) spoke to me. I went to the site and immediately bought it.

This is super unlike me – normally, when I make a purchase I like to hem and haw, waffle back and forth, consider pros and cons and generally be completely indecisive.

So basically I’m flying by the seat of my pants here! Throwing caution to the wind! It’s invigorating!

And I better love that necklace or I might never be spontaneous again. EVER.


I took this mirror self-portrait to show off the new necklace I purchased expressly for holiday-related events this month.

I forgot Basic Photography Rule #1 (reflective surfaces and flash don’t mix), so it appears that I am a magical sorceress, holding an entire solar system in the palm of my hand.

Infinite power suits me, don’t you think?

(Necklace from Art Effect, my favorite store in Chicago.)