Here’s the part where I sell out

Guess what!? I found out that people I don’t know actually read my blog!

I had assumed that for the most part, my readers consisted of family members and friends (of the real life and Facebook varieties). Turns out that somehow, miraculously, other random people of the world have ventured onto this site of their own free will.

I have proof!

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by the makers of Edwards Desserts. They had read my blog (see?) and wanted to know if I would try some of their desserts for free and then write about them.

Desserts? For free? I didn’t have to think too hard about this one. I’m a big advocate of people giving me free stuff. If the makers of Dog Crap in a Paper Bag offered to give me their product for free, I’d probably take it.

But it gets better. The desserts are actually delicious. Score!

So far, I’ve tried two varieties of their frozen dessert singles: the Hot Turtle Brownie with Ice Cream and the Hot Fudge Brownie with Ice Cream. The verdict? Yum.


Both products give you the deliciousness of a freshly baked brownie with ice cream on top without the hassle of actually baking the brownies or buying a whole container of ice cream when you really just want one scoop. And it only takes 45 seconds for this tasty treat to get from the freezer to your mouth. Eating your feelings has never been easier!

But seriously folks, these bad boys are good. And how rude would I be to go on and on about them and not offer any to you, my loyal readers? I’m no Emily Post, but I do have some manners.

Unfortunately, I only have 5 free desserts to give out. So here’s the solution: a contest! Fun!

You should really pay attention to this part of the post if you like free stuff.

The first 5 people to comment on this blog post will receive a coupon for FREE Edwards Desserts from me! They can be found in all major grocery store chains. Please leave your email address or a way that I can contact you on the off chance that you, like the generous people at Edwards Desserts, are not one of my friends or family members.

And if no one comments, don’t worry my feelings won’t be hurt. That’s just 10 more free desserts for me (there are 2 in every package)!

You can follow Edwards Desserts on Facebook ( ) and Twitter (@EdwardsDesserts).

If you are lucky enough to win one of the free dessert coupons, feel free to tweet or leave a comment on their Facebook wall about whether you liked it – they really want to know!

Also, if you have a mom who is awesome and likes Hollywood red-carpet events, you should seriously consider entering her in the Edwards Desserts Mother’s Day contest (see their Facebook fan page for more info). If your entry is chosen, Mom gets to glam it up and flirt with Ryan Seacrest and you secure your spot as her favorite offspring for life. Win-win.

So…let the comments roll in! May the force be with you!

Who knew selling out could taste so good??