What happened in Vegas

Over 6 weeks ago, Will and I went to Las Vegas. Around that same time, I told you there would be a post about it coming soon. Relatively speaking, 6 weeks can be considered “soon.” So get off my back, Mom.

Ah Vegas…

We decided to go there because it was pretty much the best option when booking a last minute trip at the height of spring break season. We thought it would be a good place to relax by the pool and get some sun. I even brought a book.

We didn’t think it would be cloudy and 50 degrees the whole time. But, surprise! If I were a gambling woman, I would have lost money on that bet. And that would have been a real shame, since it would cancel out the $2.75 I won at the nickel slots while we were there (big money!).

But despite the weather, we still had a good time.

Here I am a few hours after we arrived somewhere in between the Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace. You know, just hanging out by a hand rail.

The suave gentleman in this photo is my husband getting ready to consume a delicious lunch of sliders and sweet potato fries. This was our only outdoor meal of the trip. <sad face>

The Mirage – serene and peaceful and the outside, scene of a gruesome tiger attack on the inside.

This is inside our hotel, the Bellagio. I liked hanging out in here. If I didn’t look up, I could pretend that we were actually outside and not freezing.

Here’s the pool area where we were planning on hanging out for most of the trip. Completely deserted. Except for one crazy family we saw walking by with towels. They must have been from Siberia or something.

Here’s Will peacefully skipping through a quiet garden. I don’t ask questions. I just let him do his thing. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

After all that skipping, Will felt like he needed to reclaim his manhood, so he made me stop and watch college basketball for a bit.

This is the casino at Aria. I liked the trippy, sleek Alice and Wonderland vibe.

Will was thrilled to come so close to his lifelong dream of draping himself in crystals.

Paris! Just like the real thing. Or at least maybe that’s what I’d say if I’d never actually been to Paris. But as far as plastic-y fake recreations of foreign cities go, it was pretty nice.

More Bellagio.

Num num!

Sun on our last day! (Accompanied by even colder temps.) I was so excited, I had to take a picture from our hotel room.

The streets of New York, New York. Will and I helped to make it even more authentic by mugging a few people.

And one last glamor shot.

So there you have it! Even without the warm weather, a good time was had by all. Viva Las Vegas. Baby.

Will loves the Cubs

Ok, the title of this post is completely untrue. I wish I wasn’t a liar.

But even though Will is a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan, he is now associated with all things Windy City, based merely on proximity.

What am I talking about?

Carlie Crashers, I have some exciting news:

I have a husband again! Who lives with me! In the same city! And the same apartment!

Yaaaaaaaaay! (After going out for St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday, I can’t read/hear the word “yay” without picturing it being said by a drunk girl sloppily hugging her best friend while spilling green beer on her shoulder because she agreed to share her lip gloss.)

So yeah, I have a live-in spouse again, which is much better than the long-distance version. And the best part is that he was finally able to move up to Chicago with me because he got a new job that sounds like it will be a fantastic opportunity. So everyone is WINNING. (Except the word “winning” itself, thanks to Charlie Sheen. It’s probably been the most over-used word in the English language over the past couple weeks. And I just contributed to that. Sorry.)

Of course with Will living here, I’ll probably have to do the laundry more than once every 3 weeks and actually make stuff for dinner instead of heating up leftover pizza from the weekend or throwing a handful of shredded cheese on a tortilla and calling it a quesadilla. And now I’ll have to run around after him straightening up all the time because I’m a hyperactive neat freak and he’s a normal person.

But I’m pretty sure it’s worth it to be reunited with my other half. I couldn’t even bring myself to update my “Current city” to Chicago on Facebook until Will was living here too, if that says anything.

And if Will moving to Chicago isn’t exciting enough, we also just booked a trip to Vegas for next weekend! We were hoping to get a last minute travel deal to a tropical beach where we could relax and sip mojitos for a couple days, but travel deals only exist when it’s not spring break season and airline ticket prices are not in the midst of skyrocketing. So Vegas it is.

Stay tuned for a post about our trip our next week! In the meantime, I’ll be frantically applying self tanner, running to stores like Forever 21 and H&M to stock up on cheap, sparkly Vegas clothes (when in Rome…) and glaring at Will every time my alarm goes off in the morning since he gets to sleep in all week.