Rhetorical questions

Remember when the restaurant Chipotle first started popping up everywhere and no one knew how to pronounce it? “Want to get lunch at Chip-o-tal?”

I know he’s a prince and everything, but besides THAT, does anyone else thing Kate Middleton could have done better?

Don’t you miss using Wite-out?

Does anyone really believe that all the nudity is actually integral to the plot in Game of Thrones? (HBO = Home Boobs Office)

Why do Bluetooth people have to make life awkward for the rest of us?

Why do I continue to watch every single season of Real Housewives? WHY?

When are abnormally pointy elbows going to be in style?

How many cake pops is too many?

Can you please join Google+? Because right now I’m following the streams of approximately three people.

Is there anything more irritating than the sound of a person eating spaghetti in a completely silent room?

Anyone have any good restaurant recommendations in L.A.? (Ok, that one’s not rhetorical. I’m really looking for a good restaurant there. Any suggestions?)