Make this drink, thank me later.


As a lover of all things sparkling (this includes beverages, clothing, accessories, etc.), it was love at first sight when I saw this drink recipe posted by a friend on Pinterest. (Side note: Are you on Pinterest? Anyone know of a 12-step program or something to help break my addiction??)

Morton’s Sparkling Cinnamon Apple Cocktail is pretty much the perfect drink to make on Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. Or Tuesday.

I’ve actually never had it before, but I plan on changing that as soon as I motivate myself to go out and find some Monin Honey Syrup (fancy!). But I can tell just from the ingredients that I would love it.


Sparkling Cinnamon Apple Cocktail

4 ounces Lunetta Prosecco (I think you could probably use any sparkling wine here)

2 ounces Lindemans Pomme (Green Apple) Lambic

1/2 ounce Monin Honey Syrup

2 ounces hand shaken whipped cream


1. Dip rim of champagne flute into honey syrup and then into cinnamon sugar to rim the glass

2. Pour honey syrup, Prosecco and lambic into a shaker over ice.

3. Stir with spoon 10 times.

4. Strain into champagne flute.

5. Top with 2 spoonfuls of whipped cream

6. Dust with cinnamon sugar

You need to know about this

Attention everyone over the age of 21 (and college kids (who am I kidding) and those of you in high school whose parents are the kind that say “It’s ok if you have a drink as long as it’s with us under our roof…”):

There is now cake-flavored vodka. Yes – cake vodka exists.

And I intend to try it using this recipe from Apartment #34.

No, not NOW. Sheesh, it’s 11:30 in the morning! I’ll have to wait another half hour or so…

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