To dream the impossible dream

If you had asked me last year what my “dream life” is, I probably would have said “living in Chicago and working in some sort of creative environment.”

Check. And check.

Hello, dream life!

But because the grass is always greener, yadda yadda yadda, and I have some sort of mental illness that keeps me constantly grasping for all the pretty shiny things that I don’t already have, I am still somewhat unfulfilled.

I guess it makes sense that since I’m now living my dream life, it can no longer be a “dream” life. It’s a “real life” life.

Don’t worry, this is not going to be a sappy post about achieving my goals, being grateful for what I have and living the dream. Please. I’m so much more shallow than that.

Basically, I have a new dream life now. It involves not working, lounging in a sun-drenched room with a glass of sauvignon blanc, perusing fashion and design blogs, writing when I feel like it and occasionally catching a few episodes of House Hunters and Ellen. And after a long day of all that business, it’s time to relax. All night. And probably go out for dinner. Also, I do all this while wearing super cute outfits. And my hair has a lots of volume.

I believe it would look something like this:

I think this kind of lifestyle might be called retirement. Is it me, or am I getting really close to retirement age? No?

Well, here’s to being relaxed and lazy…someday.

Now who wants to help me get one step closer to my dream and bring me a glass of sauvignon blanc?

Images from design*sponge, coco+kelley, A Cup of Jo, cupcakes and cashmere,