Diner en Blanc

How cool is this??

This past Saturday night, hundreds of people dressed in white gathered at Daley Plaza underneath the Picasso sculpture and had an elegant evening of dinner and dancing. It was part of a series of “flash” picnics called Diner en Blanc that happen all over the world. New York just had theirs several days ago, and I think it actually all started in Paris. (Could something this chic conceivably start anywhere else?)

The cool thing is that the participants signed up weeks in advance (I thought about trying to get tickets, and now I wish I had!) but the location of the dinner isn’t revealed to them until hours before it actually starts! All they’re told ahead of time is to bring food, table settings and dress all in white.

The only thing that makes me glad I wasn’t there is the fact that when I eat while wearing white, I inevitably end up looking like a Jackson Pollock painting of food stains. So not chic.

Photos from Diner en Blanc – Chicago’s Facebook page.