It’s funny to me, ok?

I’m in a list-making mood today. I’m also tired and a little giddy for whatever reason. Put those two things together and we get this:

A list of things that inexplicably make me laugh:

1. Men who wear necklaces.

2. Almost all sportscasters, especially the ones on the radio, and not when they’re actually trying to be funny.

3. Tyra Banks.

4. This video.

I know most people are probably slightly amused by this, but for some reason, I seem to find it funnier than anyone else does. This is what I think of when I go to my happy place – an innocent child with extremely poor depth perception skidding across an unforgiving concrete pool deck. I’m sick.

5. Bolo ties.

6. That one Christmas song about the boy buying shoes for his dying mother. Come on, it’s just so obviously trying to get you to cry! So I refuse, and do the opposite.

7. Roller coasters. That sinking feeling you get in your stomach during the huge drops literally tickles me.

8. Handmade puffy paint shirts.

9. Miniature ponies

10. Casseroles. Why? I don’t know. It’s just that when someone tells me they’re going to make a casserole, I laugh.

11. Children in harnesses.

12. Poetry slams.

13. Meerkats. And sloths.

14. People who go on passionate rants about causes or political issues in Facebook status updates or blog comments.

15. The BP oil spill. (Just kidding! I wanted to see if you were paying attention. Also, I’m hoping for someone to start ranting  in the comments section so I can get a chuckle.)

16. The word “nosegay.”

17. Women at the gym who don’t put their hair up when they work out.

18. Mall walkers. Especially the ones who carry weights.

19. David Hasselhoff.

20. Precious Moments figurines.


What are some random weird things that make you laugh? Share! I’ll probably crack up at anything at this point.

5 thoughts on “It’s funny to me, ok?

    • The best part of this video is the “after the fall” part! I wish they’d show that part on the show “Wipeout” which is one of my guaranteed laughs every week. 🙂

  1. Your list is funny, some of it creepy (miniature ponies and precious moments scare me) but what I find hilarious is when I’m on the highway and a car that is barely street legal with a bumper held on by twine and busted side mirror wants to race me. Really? You have to be kidding me.

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