Dress you up in my love (of cute tiny clothes)

Is it wrong that what excites me the most about eventually having a baby is dressing it up in cute little clothes?

Obviously, girl clothes are way more fun than boy clothes, so I’m picturing my future first child as a girl.

Which means it will probably be a boy.

But at least then Will can have fun scouring the baby clothes racks for tiny tuxedos and pocket squares or a mini Mad Men-esque suit and skinny tie. (Seriously, that would not be beyond him. I promise I’ll draw the line if he tries to hand our baby a glass of scotch.)

As much fun as Will would have with a dapper Don Draper drool-monster, I almost have to suppress a squeal at the thought of buying miniature dresses with polka dots, bows, frills or any combination of the above. Also, did you know they make baby high heels now?

Once upon a time, I spent an afternoon dressing up Sindy, our loveable (and very, very patient) family dog in different outfits representing every month of the year so I could make a Sindy for All Seasons calendar. I’m not above doing the same thing to my daughter. I’m picturing it now…anyone know if they make baby-sized scuba gear? No?

Now I’m not a fashionista by any means, but I did take the plunge and purchase a “romper” (on sale!) yesterday. You know, for all the romping I plan to do the rest of this summer.

How cute would matching mother-daughter rompers be? You see where I’m going with this?? It would be totally worth any psychological issues my kid would develop from the pressure of being molded into a mini me. Sometimes there’s a high price for fashion (aka, whatever the going rate is for a child psychologist).

Of course, if I do have a daughter someday and insist on adorning her in the height of baby fashion, she’ll probably rebel and become a tomboy. My parents’ poor judgment in their choice of footwear for me as a little girl had a similar effect – I have since developed an intense aversion to navy blue boy shoes. With Velcro. But I guess that’s a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Dress you up in my love (of cute tiny clothes)

  1. Did I really buy you a pair of navy blue boy shoes when you were little? If so, I don’t remember them, but I do still have a pair of adorable navy blue “mary janes” and a pair of tiny pink jogging shoes that I couldn’t bear to part with. Even I, as fashion-challenged as I am, loved dressing up my babies!

  2. I think any kid of yours would grow up to be awesome. Awesome in the sense that they’d invent a machine that streaks your hair different colors at the touch of a button. Because everyone wants purple stripes in their hair. Duh.
    Anyways, I’m a bit like you. There’s an age difference, oh yeah (15 here) but we both aren’t pumped to start churning out mini-us’s (does the apostrophe go before or after?) and baby clothes make us squeal. If I have kids, I’ll adopt. Not looking forward to the pain, and besides, it’s just a kid.

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