At least I don’t have him as my Facebook profile picture

No, Will and I don’t have any biological human children, but we are the proud owners of one lil’ mister Gatsby Irwin, also known as our psuedo-child or The Cutest Dog in the World.

I may be wearing the rose-colored glasses of a proud “parent,” but Gatsby is 5 pounds of pure fun and entertainment. And here’s proof:

Most normal dogs I know devour their food in a matter of seconds without even bothering to chew half of it, but Gatsby likes to make it interesting. He eats each piece of dry dog food individually, after throwing it up in the air and stalking it as if our kitchen is the vast wild outdoors and the piece of food is an unfortunate field mouse. Check it out.

Here he is striking his “pet me” pose – butt up in the air and head on the floor as if he is about to perform a somersault.

And if that’s not enough cuteness for you, as the finale to The Gatsby Show, I present to you the great one himself walking on his hind legs.

I know, I could charge admission for this stuff, right?

2 thoughts on “At least I don’t have him as my Facebook profile picture

  1. What a cute nephew dog! I loved the one of him moving his food about, as if it would suddenly run away from him and make things interesting. 🙂

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