Chateau Irwin…in my dreams

Man, I am so over renting. Our shower rod has turned into a big stick of rust, only half of our windows open, the lady above us wears bricks for shoes, I’m forced to squish all my clothes into HALF of a closet, and there’s not much I can do about any of it.

We would have bought our own place by now, but due to life circumstances (not bad ones – don’t worry!), that hasn’t been the best option for us.

The bad news: it might possibly be another couple of years before we actually buy a place.

The good news: we’ll have one heck of a down payment saved up by then!

So for now, I’m stuck daydreaming about decorating and homeownership and living vicariously through the people on HGTV.

As if I felt the need to prove to you how much of my free time is spent thinking about our future dwelling, I’ve put together a nice little dream house in my mind inspired by photos from fun blogs and websites like Apartmenttherapy, Coco & Kelly, Destined to Design, and Dress Design Décor.

I know, I need a hobby. Another hobby.

Anyway, since I can’t invite all of you over to my current home (yes, I have enough readers that trying to fit them into our five-room apartment would most definitely be a fire hazard – yay me!), I’d like to invite you to my future dream home.

Welcome to Chateau Irwin. Come on in and stay awhile…

(and please take off your shoes unless you want to wear those dorky model home booties)

For some reason, I’ve always imagined myself living in an urban townhouse. I don’t know how practical that will be for family life and having kids (nor do I care right now!), but I expect I will find out.

Ahh…the living room…

It is in this bright and airy space that you will find me eating ice cream, watching reality TV (yes, there’s a TV in there somewhere…maybe hidden behind that painting), taking naps, and practicing general slothfulness. And loving those striped shades.

Turn the corner and we have…

The dining room. I want to marry those floor-to-ceiling windows and have like ten thousand of their babies.

Moving on…

My office!

So fun and cheery! Like me! Sometimes.

Here’s where I get my creative juices flowing and slave for hours over this damn blog because I know my mom readers would be sorely disappointed if I ever stopped writing new posts.

And now…

The kitchen. Where we eat pizza and takeout while I gaze fondly at all of the pretty cookware I bought and have no idea how to use, but boy does it look great in those glass cabinets.

Don’t look now, but we’re about to enter my favorite part of the house…

The deck! I pretty much live out here as long as the weather and the endurance of my citronella candles cooperate.

And when I want to relax inside and wash off the layers of bug spray (I swear, I must be a veritable mosquito buffet, complete with unlimited bloody marys…get it??), I hit up this awesome bathtub.

Yes, I live in an urban townhouse with that view, ok? This is MY dream.

Here’s the rest of the bathroom, where I like to daintily powder my nose.

Will loves the chandeliers.

And now, where all the magic happens…

Sorry, I had to throw that Cribs reference in there. Pretty kick-ass boudoir, no?

Welp, that’s the end of the tour! I hope you enjoyed your stay. Now get out. I’m going to go take a bath. Jealous?

5 thoughts on “Chateau Irwin…in my dreams

  1. This Blog reminds me of the days when you and me and the Herberts would make our “Life” books by cutting out magazine pictures and pasting them on paper =)

  2. LOVE this! I read Destined to Design and Dress Design Decor too, and post all the stuff I like on my blog. In my dreams! I’ll never have rooms that look that cool!

  3. WOW!!! I hope your townhouse has a guest room because I’m moving in!!

    (*I know how to use all those kitchen gadgets…I can earn my keep by cooking!)

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