My husband is NOT getting what he wants for Christmas

Because every time I ask him what he wants, he says “nothing.” And that is not acceptable.

Christmas is a time of sharing, thoughtfulness and selflessness. And how dare he deny me the joy of giving!

So since he is being super unhelpful, I have no idea what to get him. All I know is that it has to be inexpensive (or he’ll tell me he would have rather just kept the money and that I should be boiled in my own pudding! Or something like that) and better than the electronic dart board I got him five years ago that he still hasn’t even taken out of the box.

I tried consulting the gift guides that have been popping up on blogs and in my inbox lately, but I’m getting the feeling that the people who compile these things don’t really know my husband at all. Their suggestions are either super expensive or impractical.

For example, what is with every male gift guide including a flask of some sort?? Yes, it’s a very masculine item and might be considered a “cool” gift, but how many men out there actually use a flask? Regularly? Who aren’t alcoholics?


Attention men who read this blog: First of all, do you exist? Second of all, is there any reason why you would use a flask like this besides to look like a tool who is trying not to look like a tool? Is a flask actually a good gift for a guy? Am I missing something here?

Also, if anyone has any non-flask gift ideas for men, I’m all ears!

2 thoughts on “My husband is NOT getting what he wants for Christmas

  1. No flask. After 21, the idea of carrying around a flask loses all appeal, especially one that has some tongue-in-cheek, urban outfitters-esque slogan on it.

    I’f you want to go booze-themed, I’d say go for a nice bottle of whiskey or whatever his drink of choice is. Or you could flip the tables and buy him some jewelery (tie tacks, cuff links etc.).

    Of course, if all else fails, there’s always this book: I got it for Ben’s 30th, and Will seemed jealous.

    • Thanks for confirming that flasks are just stupid gifts. Somehow we need to convince the retail world of this fact. That book might be a good gift idea – Will seems to be drawn to that particular subject matter. Should I be concerned about that?

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