Happy weekend

Today is Friday AND I have the day off!

So I’m lying on the couch with some pumpkin coffee and catching up on Rachel Zoe.

My favorite quote from the season finale episode:

“I gag for Rachel’s salami.” – Joey

In which, to “gag” is a good thing.

Let me use it in another context for you.

I gag for this little ball of cuteness on the couch next to me.

Seriously. I. die.

Ooh! Speaking of gagging (and not in the good way), last night I went to an industry Halloween party at Cutters and saw this guy:

You know, just lying around ON A BED OF NAILS. He actually had horrible nail marks all over his back.

Halloween is so weird.

Love it.

1 thought on “Happy weekend

  1. I agree. Best quote of the season:) I also can’t seem to stop calling Jeremiah Hairamiah after Andy gave him that title in the clubhouse last week. The boy does have a nice weave:) Have a fab weekend!

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