Well folks, there’s a lot going on with me this week. Sadly, writing blog posts will probably not be one of them.

But I didn’t want to ignore you completely, so I decided to post this photo to tide you over and because I always have time for things that make me laugh.

Ok, I know, a photo of my lovely sister on a beach in South Padre Island is not funny. No Shannon, that was not meant to be an insult. You look beautiful.  But here’s the full photo:

I love this horse.

My sister posted this photo on Facebook last week, and I’ve looked at it about 10 times since then. I’m sure she appreciates me sharing it with all of you. (Hey, if you put on Facebook, it’s fair game!)

The best part? The name of Shannon’s radiant equine companion is… Spanky.

Spanky. That’s perfect.

And according to my brother-in-law’s Facebook comment, Spanky was “special.” Either that, or just in urgent need of the heimlich maneuver.

Kind of reminds me of another “special” someone in my life who enjoys inserting his tongue into otherwise perfectly decent photos:

Aww, love you Spanky!

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