Update (Don’t You Forget About Me)

I got some really good news yesterday.

And then I promptly stepped in a massive pile of dog poop five minutes later. I mean massive.

Was this an attempt by the cosmic forces of the universe to ground me? Perhaps.

As I sat on my front stoop for 20 minutes scraping excrement from the many crevices in the sole of my shoe with a sadly inefficient twig, I couldn’t help but think that the world works in mysterious ways. And also that one of my neighbors must be stowing a horse in their backyard because man, that was a massive poop.

Is this the culprit??

I’ll let you in on the good news later, I promise.

Also, I’m working on a post about our adventures this weekend at Oktoberfest in Hermann, Missouri: Antique stores, wine, sauerkraut, wine, Mizzou game, wine, beer, wine. We laughed, we cried. It was better than Cats.

So really, the point of this post is just to say “heeeyyy!” and make sure you don’t forget about me.

I’ll post again soon! A real post. I promise.

Until then, enjoy these totally random and hilarious search terms that WordPress tells me people have used to find my blog:

  • alabama fat football player
  • christina hendricks boobs
  • slutty glee
  • 80’s corduroy overalls
  • smoking baby
  • football players poop
  • moms bunions
  • who are spencer pratts parents
  • alien birth
  • i lurve you
  • saggy workout

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