I’m still alive!

In case you were wondering.

I’m on vacation. In Wheaton, IL.

If you asked me when I was growing up in the 90’s if I ever thought I’d go on vacation to my own hometown of Wheaton, I would have said, “As if, dude! Wheaton is wack. Duh. Eat my shorts! I’m going to go get jiggy with it.”

And yet, here I am. I took off work for a whole week and I’m doing touristy things like boat rides on Lake Geneva, tours of Frank Lloyd Wright houses, and eating copious amounts of ice cream. So yes, I’m on vacation.

I’ve managed to stay away from a computer screen until now (my phone is another story), but I just wanted you to know that you miss me.

You probably haven’t given this blog a second thought since my blog post about not having time to write a blog post, but now that I’ve popped up in your Google Reader, you’ve realized how much you’ve missed me this week.

And that is a LOT. Right??? Right.

Oh, stop crying. I’ll be back to normal life and my regular posting schedule (not sure what that is) next week. In the meantime, I may put up a few mini posts to keep you entertained. And maybe you can work on being less demanding.

Just kidding! I love you. No, I lurve you. Have fun at work this week. (suckas…!)

Welcome to Wheaton.

4 thoughts on “I’m still alive!

  1. Will you please bring me some french toast with berries and mascarpone cheese from the Red Apple Pancake House? Thanks. 🙂

    We miss you here! I didn’t know you were gone this week until I got your out of office.

  2. Will you please take a bike ride to Northside pool and play volleyball all day for me?? It’s all the rage in Wheaton.

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